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live queen bees
Northern Bred Queens
Our Price: $38.00


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Raising Queen Bees

Producing quality honey depends largely upon keeping a quality colony, and a quality colony begins with well-bred queens. Raising honey bees does not have to be difficult when you find the right honey bee queens for sale. Buying queen bees is an endeavor fraught with perils because you never know their history or how they were raised. However, our live queen bees for sale have been bred through years of natural selection from our most productive northern hives. We do not purchase any southern stock to breed with our northern bees. In addition, we purchase breeder queens from several sources, Michael Palmer, including Sue Colby, pioneers in bee breeding.

Live Queen Bees for Sale

Wild Creek Bee Farm has come to be one of the most reliable queen bee suppliers in North America, and our passion extends well beyond the business. It is a personal hobby that we enjoy sharing with others.

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bee nucs for sale
Nuc Colonies
Our Price: $185.00
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Bee Nucs for Sale

The easiest and most effective way to begin raising honey bee colonies is to buy a nucleus, or nuc hive. These hives consist of five full frames of bees and an actively laying queen. The five frames can fit inside a bee box you provide, or we can include a temporary box for a small fee. Some people might be hesitant to buy bees online, but with the bee nucs for sale here at Wild Creek Bee Farm, you never have to worry. Our honey bees for sale are all specially bred and acclimated to northern temperatures.

Honey Bee Colonies

A few of the traits that we seek in our honey bees are hygienics, temperament, hardiness and honey production. We have been passionate about bees and beekeeping since the early 1980s, and we love to teach others the joys that bees can bring. Call for more details & availability 570-527-0863.

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