Wild Creek Bee Farm
Let us "Bee" your natural choice!!

The owner's interest in bees started when he was a young boy. He had moved to a new development in Pennsylvania in the early 1980's where there were very few kids his age, but many open fields of flowers and honeybees. He spent hours in the fields admiring and catching them in mason jars. Over the years, he had grown to appreciate the importance of the pollination they provide us and the liquid sweetness we call Honey!!

Today the owner still has the same passion for honeybees and is passionate about teaching others how important honeybees are to our food supply. He also believes that its important to bring awareness of the large honeybee loses we are dealing with today!!

Our Mission is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. We choose to make and produce products that are as chemically free as possible. We understand that chemicals are not a positive thing to put on and into our bodies!! We also feel that if you cannot pronounce or read the ingredients you probably shouldn't be consuming or putting it on or into our bodies. To truly appreciate our quality, chemical free products you have to try them for yourself.

Let Us "Bee" Your Natural Choice!!