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flavored honey sticks natural cut comb honey 1lb buckwheat raw honey jar
Cut Comb Honey
Our Price: $13.75
1lb wildflower honey jar 1lb raw clover honey jar 5lb raw clover honey
Clover Raw Honey (1 lb)
Our Price: $9.25
5 lb natural wildflower honey 2lb raw wildflower honey homemade creamed honey
Creamed Honey
Our Price: $10.50
homemade cinnamon creamed honey 2oz honey bear bottles 1lb raw blueberry honey jar
Cinnamon Creamed Honey
Our Price: $11.00
1lb goldenrod raw honey jar goldenrod honey 2lb raw wild blueberry honey

American Honey and Homemade Jams

Strange though it may seem, not everyone appreciates the health benefits of honey. Maybe that's because it tastes so good. Unlike sugar, however, honey is a functional food providing antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and neutraceuticals to cancel out free radicals that do you so much harm. With decades of honey-making and beekeeping experience, we are confident that you will be impressed with our quality, chemical free products.

Buy Raw Honey

The standard American honey production at Wild Creek Bee Farm includes wildflower, buckwheat and goldenrod varieties, but we do more than that. Those who have come to buy raw honey or one of our other honeybee products will also be glad to hear that our honey and jam collection includes a spreadable creamed honey and preservative-free homemade jams good enough to make your grandma jealous.